Welcome to the new!

I first started writing here about cloud computing and security in 2008. For about 3 years I publicly experimented, blogged and presented on cloud security. But then the posts dried up, as real life moved on at a pace. Since then, the cloud has come quite a long way and now there are many more practical use cases to explore and security know-how to share.

I recently resigned from the world of full-time employment to spend more time with my children and start-up my part-time cyber security consulting business Resilient Security. These choices give me the time and space to dedicate to my old hobby, fiddling with cloud and freely sharing what I learn in the process here. So it’s time to dust off the digital cobwebs, polish the CSS and reboot this site.

For the geeks, the new site is gratefully hosted on Netlify, under their open source plan. This is a hint that I will be developing and sharing some open source scripts and tools that may help your cloud security adventures. The new website itself is static, thanks to Hugo.

Over time I will bring back some of the old content that I feel has weathered the times, but for now the site is intentionally quite sparse both in look and content. I want to focus my energy on writing new content and I find that staring at a mostly blank website helps defer my natural procrastination for another day.

If you have any post requests, comments on posts, or content suggestions (or something is broken) do get in touch.

And a message for the old timers - you know who you are - welcome back :)